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Tech Powering Planning Tank!

Planning Tank is powered by the leading tech, innovation and the best industry practices. We use a number of tools, services & softwares to provide you with a reliable, seamless and robust platform which is ready to scale and grow. We believe in data driven approach with measurable results which help us analyse and evaluate our performance. Data helps in tweaking our working along with the feedback from our awesome readers!

To make things simpler yet interesting we have categorised the tech as per it's role. We are all set to give you a sneak peak to the "Insider" information and our pillars!

Content Writing - whatever you read & the reason you love us!

The information provided in form of Articles is obtained by various means. The content is written by students and people with diverse background and expertise. We try our best to check for the factual correctness of the information being provided before making it available for everyone. We have been asked various times about how we manage to beat large competitors and outrank them.

We use multiple softwares to aid our content production, these range from simple and free tools to exclusive and best in industry tools. We rely heavily on SEO which demands top quality content so as to be found on search engines. To make sure we are among the best out there, some of tools we use include:

👉 Market Muse - AI & ML driven Research & Content Optimisation

👉 Pro Writing Aid - Grammar check and editing tool

👉 Frase - Aids research and content optimisation, question driven SEO

👉 Copyscape - Plagiarism Checker

👉 Rankmath & SEO Yoast - SEO plugins for WordPress

👉 Rankmath & SEO Yoast - SEO plugins for WordPress
We are also working and testing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to aid the content writing by humans. These experiments are done on non-essential information accompanied by fact check (if AI generated content has any stats). The use of GPT 3 for NLP and deep learning is really interesting & revolution in the way we generate information.

🔐 Server - the heart & soul of Planning Tank

We use Google Cloud Platform ☁ with server located in Mumbai (yes, Aamchi Mumbai! ✌). The reason being the proximity to geographical location (Asia) of our readers. This is further optimised with special services to provide a similar fast user experience to all over the world though other cloud routing & services. Our servers and infrastructure is prepared for:

✔ upto 10x increase in our users and any surge in visitors

✔ Zero or negligible downtime, configured to serve you with an offline version (just in case, we are down for maintenance!)

✔ Advanced cache and optimisation technology for a blazing fast experience!

🤖 Automation - focusing more on what really matters!

We are a big fan of automation, it helps us free our time from the routine mundane tasks so that we can focus on what matters! By automating the simple tasks such as posting relevant articles and links on social media accounts, we have more time available with us to improve our platform.

Providing you with something new, useful and reliable is what remains our priority. Finding out ways to diversify what we have to offer and optimising the way how to achieve it. We are now working on achieving tasks which include more complexity and multiple steps. Some of the tools and services which make this happen are:

➡ Content Studio - Social Media Automation

➡ Zapier - Connected tasks and workflow

➡ IFTTT - Connects almost everything, let it be professional or personal automations!

➡ Integrately - One of the most advanced and user friendly automation

💲 Revenue - the untold story! 💸

Talking and mentioning revenue is quite controversial and a bold decision, but we are here to build a platform which aids and supplements everyone's growth. Though we are not going to give away the exact steps and non sharable information, but we can surely mention about the services and broad sources.

The revenue generated by us is utilised in operation and upgradation of the platform. Our team members work on voluntary basis with minimal or no monetary expectations. The driving force is the shared vision to give back to the profession and society, highlight the importance of Planning profession and be a part of the change making process. Thus, it leaves us with a much wider margin to reinvest in the development of our platform.

Display Ads - Yes, the annoying ads which have flooded the internet and nearly everyone hates them (including us!). You would ask, why do we still use them? The simple answer, leave apart reimbursement to team members, keeping up the website and paying for the services adds to considerable operating cost. So what we do about it? We leave this task to AI, there are few things at which machines excel! Our ads are optimised for best user experience and no 2 visitors are served ads in same manner. We make sure to make the settings enhance user experience and display ads in non intrusive manner. We make use of Ad networks such as Google AdSense for this.

Direct Ads - Some of the advertisers choose to bypass ad networks and work directly with us. This provides them with better results at a fraction of cost. These are similar to other ads as mentioned above.

Affiliate Marketing - We may receive some compensation for sales made though our affiliate links.

Digital Marketing Services - We offer various digital marketing services to various clients. Our team have an experience of over a decade and proven track record. Having worked in almost all niche, we now focus on the education sector.

Miscellaneous - Quiz, survey, outreach.... the never ending list!

As you would have noticed and realised, the geek in us is always exploring the best tech, we make use of numerous tools. Here are some of the handpicked tools which caters to our internal needs and as well as that of our clients. We offer special pricing and collaborations for mutual benefit.

The tools mentioned on this page are some of the most frequently used tools and often used in combination with others. You can reach out to if you would like to explore more about the tech behind Planning Tank!

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