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Joining Us - Overview

Thank you for showing interest in joining us. Planning Tank is run by students, professionals and volunteers who contribute for advancement and betterment of Planning Education. We really appreciate your willingness to help and really look forward to it. Planning Tank is “Student Centered, Change Oriented”, our platform is built around the students while keeping in mind their diverse needs. We encourage and enable students to share their thoughts, build credibility and their voice be heard. Based on the feedback received for about a decade now, we have worked on various areas and challenges which are faced by students. These range from their academic challenges to extracurricular to internship needs to job requirements. We have touched upon the each aspect and try our best to help them at every stage so that they have more time to focus on what actually matters!

Contribution from fellow planners is what keeps us motivated and going. It will be really helpful if you can provide us with some idea about in what activities you can help us since we are working on multiple aspects.

Broad categories/ heads include the following:

  1. Content Writing - Article (Formal/ Informal), Newsletter, Article Rewriting

  2. Design & Graphics - Social Media, eBooks, promotional material etc

  3. Videos - A normal video, explainer videos, whiteboard videos etc.

  4. Quiz - Share ideas and help us develop quiz which are both informative and amusing.

  5. Discussion Forum - Help us in answering the most common questions about the field.

  6. Small eBooks - Research & Publications

  7. Outreach/ Marketing & Copywriting - The right marketing is long pending and forgotten in the field. There is a gigantic gap between the education sector and the corporate world. We wish to use the most effective and innovative marketing strategies to increase awareness about the profession among masses.

  8. Social Media - Promotion & post creation

  9. Course Building - Course material developed for planners under one roof! We are working on building Planning Tank Academy (under development) just like Udemy or coursera but exclusively for planners.

  10. Infographics/ Memes - Harnessing the power of visual content for a more effective information sharing.

  11. Data compilation/ structuring/ documentation - Due to the large number of tasks and never ending ideas, we find it challenging to sort and document all the ideas and workflows. Keeping things organised will result in higher efficiency and boost overall productivity.

We are always open to new ideas, suggestions and feedback. Some of the heads mentioned above are provided with brief information below:

  1. Awareness through article/ literature for students and as well as general public

  2. Information on how to become a member of the Planning authority/ organisation in a particular country (this is long pending) such as RTPI, APA, ITPI, NITP etc.

  3. Helping each other through Facebook group & Discussion Forum (currently not being used by many) and our recently started Newsletter - Planning Times

  4. Admission tips and information about scholarships in various countries

  5. Dedicated Job Portal, currently not updated due to lack of volunteers.

  6. Any possible ways of generating funds and revenue or collaborations such as direct ads from companies/ colleges/ universities with a major focus on Urban Planning since our platform is run by students and volunteers who contribute in individual capacity.

  7. Tutorials/ Guides/ Tips & Tricks on most common problems encountered while working with the softwares

  8. A list with brief info about:

    • Most widely used desktop softwares/ applications

    • Mobile apps

    • Free and open source softwares/apps/ tools

    • Urban Planning books

    • Top/ most frequented websites which deals directly with Urban Planning or provide access to journals/ research papers

    • Sources of different type of data

  9. Blog articles which include expert opinions on the ongoing advancement and issues related to Planning.

  10. Application and extension of Urban Planning into GIS, Data, Academic Writing & Environment

  11. Organising and listing the relevant articles from the website into easy to understand and read categories. We now have close to 1000 articles which makes it really difficult for people to find the relevant content. Thus, we started with what we call "study units", listed below:

  12. Any other idea and suggestions which is easy to implement and can executed in short time

  13. Sharing your views about Architecture, Planning & how does these two go together?

    Answering/ explaining Urban Planning to Architects or to people from non-planning background.

    Helping non-planning background students (from diverse backgrounds like architecture, civil, geography, sociology, law, etc) understand more about planning

    Helping us with small eBooks like how to get admission to XYZ college, review about a course from a particular college and other similar 4-5 pages eBooks

What next, how to proceed?

Answers to a few questions which will help us in getting started and make most of this opportunity for mutual benefit.

  1. Do you run/ manage any blog or if you have any prior experience of writing for websites (especially WordPress based)?

  2. Do you have any experience/ information about SEO (search engine optimisation) and keywords?

  3. A rough estimate about the time you would be able to dedicate towards Planning Tank on a weekly/ monthly basis.

  4. Your CV/ Resume (if not shared during the initial contact), Academic Profile/ Work experience as it will help us in having all the important information available with us at one place.

  5. Your area of expertise/ interest areas on which you wish to contribute

  6. How did you hear about us?

  7. Your expectations from us and any question which you might have and would like us to answer?

Note: 1 Please submit content which is unique & you have the permission to publish. We do check the contributions for plagiarism before publishing but at times it might be missed. If content is found to be copied then we are required to delete it.

Note 2: Submissions once published are not deleted. So, if you plan to get your work published on other platforms too then kindly do inform them about it's availability of Planning Tank and similarly, if you with to republish your previously published work on Planning Tank, let us know details about it.

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