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Structural Framework of PlanningTank and Key Members

There are no full time member but we do have 5-7 core members who help us with content, discussions and frequent decision making.

Vision and Mission statements of Planning Tank, so that I would know where this platform is heading towards and would try to help in this regard.

We started in India with the aim to increase awareness and improve quality of planning by means of education, networking & technology. Having realized the problems faced by planners, time and efforts wasted in trying to find the required information website provided adequate information which is neither too brief and nor too detailed. We wish to tap the rapid technological advancements and integrate them with Planning for much better and resilient settlements. We are now serving planners and allied professionals all over the world and not just India.

Considering the diverse need of planning and trying to bring them under one roof we focus on academic & educational articles, quizzes, news, survey & questionnaire templates, college information and job updates! Our ultimate aim is to create happy, healthy and sustainable human settlements."

Apart from ongoing regular work, our priority area at this time can be divided in three parts:

  1. Outreach as a part of off page SEO & collaborations

  2. An exclusive and one of its kind job portal focusing on Urban Planning & related fields.

  3. Looking for dedicated and long term team members!

Revenue sources (if we are okay with sharing).

Currently we do not focus on revenue as we are still working at very small level and trying to build up our team. But still, we do make some revenue and 2 of our sources includes the display ads which you would noticed on the website and through occasional paid guest post. Currently revenue generated is used to improve our website by means of server upgrades, promotional activities and softwares which we are using. Apart from this we try to reward our team members and frequent contributors by means of mobile recharges as currently we cannot commit any fixed amount.

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